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For any other details about the class or to check available dates, please e-mail

We are excited to be able to offer a new experience at our farm -- our BRUSHSTROKES "sip & paint" style painting class! During Brushstrokes, I will walk you through the steps of painting an image selected for the group (sorry folks, no pre-sketched pictures here; we want you to really tap into those creative juices!). Generally speaking, the canvas size we use is 11"x14", and we always use acrylic paint. I have a small collections of pre-made paintings your group can pick from, however if you have a party that wants to do a different theme, I'm happy to come up with something new.

​Do you enjoy sipping on some wine while you work? We have you covered. During our painting session, we offer complimentary local wine. Does the creative process work up your appetite? We have your back there, too. All of the classes held here at our home also include complimentary edibles, all of which are made with ingredients from our farm.

​Classes are sometimes publically announced, which means the seats in the classes are "first come, first served". Students must pay their deposit to reserve a seat. Please do not ever show up without prior notice. Classes can also be requested by 2 people, with the remaining seats open to the public. Private, unannounced classes are also occaisonally held; please contact me ASAP to reserve a day/time. All classes at our farm are limited to 7 students.

So what about that "bring the experience to you" bit mentioned above?

If you would rather get a private party of your own together and host at your abode, I can accommodate that request! I'm happy to bring materials to you. The drawback is that I am unable to provide any refreshments.
I still provide everything needed to paint, all you will need is space for peoples' easels and pallets (ideally a table top), and possibly a drop cloth (like an old sheet) to protect the table and floor. I will also need access to a sink to rinse brushes off in. At this time, classes away from our farm are limited to 10 people. If there is a demand to increase class size in the future, this limit will be adjusted. 

​To any restaurant workers interested in hosting at their establishment, the above holds true for you as well.

Special requests

As mentioned above, if you have a private party and want a specific theme, please let me know what it is and I can try to come up with a new painting for your group.

I have in the past held "couples nights" where a couple will work together to paint one image across two canvases. Let me know if this is something you're interested in, and again we can try to come up with something.

Occasionally, the image you want may be better suited on a different size canvas. Please note special canvas will may have a slight upcharge.

Other information

​-Brushstrokes is currently offered at an intro rate of $40/person. This is the same price whether it's done in my home or yours.

​-A $10 per person NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is require a week before private classes, or 3 days before publicly annouced classes. This is so I can get all the materials I need for painting and/or ingredients for food. If for any reason you have to cancel after the deposit is made, it may be applied to a future class.

​-The price of the class, less the prepaid deposit, is due PRIOR TO the painting session starting

-Once again, let me mention that classes done at any location outside of our farm do not include complimentary refreshments.

-Classes are approximately 2 hours long.

-I reserve the right to leave private parties if at any time I feel my safety is threatened. On a similar note, I reserve the right to kick you out of my home if you're being rude, obnoxious, dangerous, or you've had too much delicious wine.

Wine, Farm-to-Fork Food, and Painting? Yes Please!