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Where happy birds make delicious eggs

​...and happy people make beautiful art!

Fowl-Mouthed Gardens

​​Welcome to Fowl-Mouthed Gardens! We are a recently established (2015) duck farm and art studio located in Troy, Virginia. On our farm side of "the biz", we specialize in non-GMO, soy-free duck eggs. In addition, we sell seasonal produce grown right here in our own gardens with help from our ducks. Occasionally, we also offer homemade canned goods, like jams and pickles.

​Doors opened in February of 2018 to our new studio right in our home, The Art Space. Here, we host our paint & sip style art class and various other events to help you have fun, relax, and get your artistic juices flowing. Click on the "The Art Space" tab for details.

Please have a look around our website to learn more about our ever evolving business. We can also be found on Facebook at There, you will see frequent updates on what's going on around the farm. 

We love talking about our birds and educating people who are unfamiliar with these fascinating animals. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions! Visit our "contact us" page for all of our contact information.

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