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Fowl-Mouthed Gardens

Meet Our Flock

Our flock started out with 47 ducks and has now grown to over 80 (37 White Layers make up the majority of our flock, followed by 10 Cayugas, and then we have a mix of fawn/white Indian Runners, black Indian Runners, blue Indian Runners, Golden 300's, Pekins, Buffs, Khaki Campbells, Swedish, Welsh Harlequin, and a Khaki/Rouen mix). Most of the ducks are roughly the same age (hatched on or about 4/20/15), with our two Buffs being the seniors on the farm --they are about 6 months older than the rest.

We also have 3 French Toulouse geese acting as alert systems for us and body guards for the ducks. The geese are one week younger than the majority of the ducks. 

<<Here is our leader of the pack, Tony the black runner duck, hanging out with the geese. He is the dominant duck in the entire flock and loves to show off for the ladies.

It would be impossible to tell all of our ducks apart (especially the white layers), however we do have a handful that stood out to us and earned themselves names.

We recently acquired another trio of geese, this time of a breed called Sebastopols, and a group of 6 Ancona ducks (pictured below). This "mini flock" was raised together for a few weeks seprate from the main flock until they were close in size, then incorporated in with the rest of the birds.

<<Mixie is our Khaki Campbell/rouen cross. She is the rebel of our flock and constantly finds ways to get out of the fencing. She is occasionally a bad influence on other ducks and encourages them to find their way out, too. At one time she had a small flock of 6 birds following her every time she left the fence. We named them "The Tasty Gang", of which she was the obvious leader. She is pictured here on the left. She was so cute and innocent, we had no idea what a trouble maker she'd grow up to be!

>>These are "The Bros", our only two male Khaki Campbells. You generally will not find one without the other being in close proximity. They seem to have a special loving bond none of our other ducks have.  We joke that they have a "bromance".